Miami’s Best sightseeing


What is included:

  • A skipper to captain the vessel
  • Private river boat
  • A beautiful way to see the city

What you will be doing:

  • Step aboard and meet your captain.
  • Get comfortable and enjoy the vessel.
  • Glide down the river.
  • See the sights and learn about the city.
  • Head back to dry land and get ready for a big night out.

Miami River Tour

There are a few ways to see the striking sights that your city has to offer you on a cruz n booz weekend away. There are bus tours, bike tours and loads of walking tours. But if you want a new, unique, relaxed way of seeing the city from an entirely new perspective then our Miami River boat tour is perfect.

The ultimate in relaxation, taking a river boat trip with your favorite peeps is a wonderful way to bring everybody together and enjoy a little quality time, as well as enjoying catching up and gossiping for a couple of chilled out leisurely hours.

Our Miami River trip is absolutely ideal for groups who are more interested in a glass of wine in the sun than in a crowded club.