This incredible day really does have it all!
This experience is the perfect way for brides with a busy agenda to enjoy the magnificent city of Miami. But at Cruznbooz we always like to give you a little more options so we’ve added an extra “treat” to your boating experience. As you cruise down the Miami River on your boat of choice we’ll make sure you get your afternoon snack to enjoy the rest of your day.

If you are in need of a little light pampering whilst relaxing and sharing a few laughs with your closest friends, this is for you. There really is nothing quite as relaxing as drifting along the water with great friends and a glass of chilled champagne in hand with a full belly.

And we might as well mention that many of the guys operating the boats aren’t too bad on the eye either so you might just get lucky and find yourselves enjoying the water with a real team of photographers. That could certainly keep your memories of this day forever!