Going on a Booze Cruise Is Good For Your Health

MIAMI'S ULTIMATE BOOZE CRUISES Sea, sun, cervezas and friends! Who wouldn’t love a boat party? We have selected our funnest boat parties to get you in the mood for summer and gain some booze cruise weekend inspiration! Miami BBQ Booze Cruise Every party goer will get free drinks and snacks to get them in the party mood. A BBQ will be served on board so you can either eat drink sit back and relax or go swimming in the crystal blue waters of South Florid

10 Reasons Why Boating in Miami Rocks!

Boating in Miami is one of the main attractions in this beautiful city. Most of us work so hard for so long to finally be able to enjoy some vacation days. However, we are still planning expensive vacations across the globe before learning about the amazing opportunities that are right next to us. So here are some reasons why boating in Miami is the best way to relax and have fun in this city: Boating in Miami  Boating in Miami Boating is a great

10 Cool Facts About Miami Beach!

10 Cool Facts About Miami Beach!
1. A Great Place To Star Gaze Many celebrities visit Miami Beach every day. This may be because it’s not only just a few miles from South Beach, but it is a little less than two hours from the luxurious city of Palm Beach. 2. Home To The World’s Largest Art Deco Architecture There are more than 800 buildings that feature Art Deco Architecture in Miami Beach. This makes it the largest collection of this type of architecture in the entire world. The h...