Cabin Fever?

Is Boating an Option During Quarantine?

What better way to practice social distancing than getting yourself surrounded by water? Boating might be the way. You can practice social distancing to ease cabin fever and be surrounded by beautiful endless seas at the same time. So, as you can imagine, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused much of our calendar to open up. Even though we know we are far from an ordinary holiday, we are offering special discounts for the months ahead. We promise you can still find a very quiet spot in the ocean where you can enjoy an amazing day surrounded by nearly empty waterways.

About boating

So, is Boating an Options During Quarantine?

Yes, but we Urge Safe Boating Social Distancing Practices at all times During COVID Pandemic.
That is to say, we share best practices during this cabin fever to keep boaters, clients, and crew safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an evolving situation and as the weather warms and the demand for use at the boat launches increase. Meanwhile, PARTY BOAT CHARTER will continue to closely monitor Miami-Dade/Broward’s rules and these facilities to determine if the use of the boats can safely continue. The pandemic still limiting South Florida, as a result there will be ongoing and changing rules.

Boat ramps during cabin fever:

▪ It will be allowed to be open between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily but hours may vary by location.

▪ Everyone is required to wear a facial covering. Either a mask or fabric that covers your mouth and nose — at all times while on shore and until the boat has departed the marina.

▪ Only one boat per launch ramp will be allowed at a time. The boat must be prepared ahead of time, including dock lines tied and safety equipment.  Provisions such as food and water already onboard and ready before launch is also important.

▪ All passengers will be required to board the boat once its launched. When returning, all passengers must stay on the boat until it’s ready to be loaded on the trailer. Once the boat is loaded onto the trailer, all passengers are required to leave the facility immediately.