Where are the 5 Hot Spots in Miami? There’s no question that Miami is one hot city- literally and figuratively. It is home to many top celebrities and other famous personalities. It’s no surprise since Miami is one of the top richest cities in the US where a lot of parties- club or boat/yacht- happen.

Aside from that, Miami is also rich in cultural influences. Are you looking for an adventure in this city? Here are 5 things to see here in Miami that will make your visit totally worth it.

So here are the 5 Hot Spots in Miami:

  1. Little Havana (Calle Ocho)

Known as “Miami’s Cuban heart”, Little Havana will give you a great experience of the Cuban culture. Calle Ocho or “Eighth Street” is Little Havana’s most famous spot. You’ll find many Latin American art galleries, busy restaurants, Cuban coffee shops, and more. The moment you arrive in Calle Ocho, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered into a different world.

  1. Neptune Memorial Reef

Looking to have a different diving experience? Located about 3 miles off of Key Biscayne, south of Miami Beach, you’ll witness a bizarre sight that is 40 feet underwater. The Neptune Memorial Reef is a man-made reef that is inspired by the Lost City of Atlantis, displaying columns and arches, gates, lions, and.. a grave.

The last feature does not represent what happened to the people of Atlantis. It is an actual grave where you can have a loved one who passed away buried. Or you can also plan to have your own burial site here, in case you’d like to be part of this magical place in the future.

and more…
  1. Sarussi Subs

Being home to a large population of Cubans in the US, Miami has over 100 Cuban restaurants, making it easy to find a lot of authentic Cuban food. Sarussi Subs is a pioneering Cuban restaurant in Miami, and has been serving for over 50 years. Their famous “Original Sandwich” was even featured in TV shows such as Miami Hot Spots and Man v Food, and even had a live show for the 2010 Superbowl. If a sandwich could gain that much attention, don’t you think it’s worth paying a visit?

     4. The Webster

Wondering what to wear for your boat party in Miami? You don’t need to look too far. Located right in the heart of Miami Beach in a historical Art Deco building, you’ll find The Webster, an exclusive luxury multi-brand retailer that was founded in 2009. The Webster offers a huge variety of designer clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories for men, women, and kids. The store itself boasts a luxurious, ultimate walk-in closet setting that is combined with contemporary art. Just visiting this store is already a fun experience in itself.

  1. Miami Beach

How can your Miami tour be complete if you don’t visit one of the hottest and hippest vacation spots in the country? Aside from parties and bikinis, Miami Beach has a lot more to offer. Miami Beach is also home to the world’s largest deco architecture, featuring more than 800 art deco buildings. And, of course, it’s the best place there is if you want to take a cruise. You also could never go wrong with boat or yacht parties here in Miami Beach!

Those are the:

5 Hot Spots in Miami