Ultra Music Festival: One of the Best in the World

ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL: ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD Ultra Music Festival kicked off on Friday March 24 at 4 pm and it's going on strong till the end of the day this Sunday, March 26. The Festival took over the city of Miami and has another record breaking crowd since 2016 when over 165,000 people attended. Even if you are not a big fan of electronic music this will make you fall head over heels with dance music.  DJs and performers come together from a

10 Reasons Why Boating in Miami Rocks!

Boating in Miami is one of the main attractions in this beautiful city. Most of us work so hard for so long to finally be able to enjoy some vacation days. However, we are still planning expensive vacations across the globe before learning about the amazing opportunities that are right next to us. So here are some reasons why boating in Miami is the best way to relax and have fun in this city: Boating in Miami  Boating in Miami Boating is a great